• Temporary Skill Shortage (Subclass 482 ,TSS) Visa


    The TSS Visa – Subclass 482 – programme enables business sponsors to nominate international employees for a period of up to four years depending on the occupation that is being sponsored.


    If the occupation is on the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) the TSS visa can be granted for up to four years with the ability for visa renewal onshore for a further four years with a permanent residency pathway available after three years on this visa.


    If the occupation is on the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) the TSS visa can be granted for up to two years with the ability for a visa renewal onshore for a further two years.


    The TSS Visa is designed to assist businesses that are facing difficulties finding appropriate skilled labour in their industry.


    The three streams of the TSS Visa (subclass 482)

    • The Short-term visa stream, applies to overseas workers whose occupations are on the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) and they will be employed for 2 years, unless this is inconsistent with an international trade obligation. Short term visa stream holders will have the ability to renew this visa once onshore for a further period of 2 years.
    • The Medium-term stream, applies to workers whose occupations are on the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) and they can be employed for up to 4 years with the ability to transition to permanent residency after being employed by the nominating sponsor on a TSS visa for a minimum period of at least 3 years.
    • The Labour Agreement Stream, enables skilled overseas workers to be employed under a labour agreement with the Commonwealth government.

    Eligibility Requirements – Sponsor


    Labour Market Testing – the sponsoring employer will need to provide evidence that they have experienced difficulty in recruiting the nominated position in the local labour market. Exemptions to this apply if an international trade obligation applies.


    Minimum Market Salary – employers are required to provide remuneration to the nominated employee that are no less favourable to what would be offered to an equivalent Australian employee performing the same role at the same location. The salary must also be above the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) applicable at time of application.


    Training Requirement – employers nominating a worker for a TSS visa are required to pay a contribution to the Skilling Australians Fund that has been established by the Federal Government. The contribution is $1,200 per year or part year for businesses with an annual turnover of less than $10 million and or a contribution of $1,800 per year or part year for any other business, the contribution is payable in full at the time of the nomination application.


    Eligibility Requirements – Applicant


    TSS Visa Work Experience – all applicants are required to have at least two years work experience relevant to the occupation being nominated.


    Police Clearances – all applicants will be required to provide a police clearances for every country they have spent 12 months or more in, in the last 10 years.


    English Ability – Occupations that are listed on the Short-term stream will require to provide evidence of an English ability of at least IELTS 4.5 in each test component or its equivalent and occupations that are listed on the Medium-term stream will require at least IELTS 5.0 in each test component or its equivalent.


    TSS Visa Occupation Caveats


    Certain occupations have caveats associated to them, meaning that if a business wishes to be nominated in a particular occupation that has a caveat further requirements must be met.

    Some examples of the caveats imposed on certain skilled occupations are:

    • Turnover of at least AUD$1 million per year
    • At least five full time staff
    • Positions such as bookkeepers, accounting clerks or clerical workers will not be able to be sponsored under the occupation ‘Accountant’

    A list of the available occupations and occupation caveats can be found here.



    Temporary Work Visa (Short Stay Activity) (subclass 400)


    If you or your business requires an individual from overseas to undertake short term, specific professional activities the subclass 400 visa may be a suitable solution. The Subclass 400 visa enables international workers to:

    • Enter and remain in Australia for up to three months, with the ability of up to six months in special circumstances
    • Bring dependant family members with them to Australia

    The subclass 400 visa has three streams that are available for use:


    • Highly Specialised Work Stream

    This stream is for people that will undertake an activity in Australia that requires highly specialised skills and experience for an activity that is not ongoing. The skills of the applicant must be highly specialised and are not able to be reasonably found in the Australian labour market. Many corporate client’s use this for exchange programs, or activities that require support from other offices internationally.


    • Invited Participant Stream

    This stream is for people that have been incited to participate in an activity or event by an Australian organisation. The activity or event must be short-term, non-ongoing and the individual cannot be remunerated for their participation (special circumstances allow for remuneration such as prize money or rewards). This stream is commonly used by sports people participating in a sporting event in Australia and are not getting paid for it.


    • Australia’s Interest Stream

    This stream is for people who are required to travel to Australia due to compelling circumstances that affect the interests of Australia. This stream can cover a range of uses, such as people coming to Australia to assist with a natural disaster or emergency situation, or other international trade or business requirements that possess significant trade or cross-cultural opportunities for Australia.